Friday, May 16, 2008

Blinkie anyone? :)

Some one asked me if I still doing blinkies. :)
yes I do. For designers and personal blinkies.

Here are some of my creations.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Ida FAN Gina Miller FAN
Jofia 150x150
Paint the Moon
Madame Mim Banner
JulieBee Banner

Check my "almost" COMPLETE portfolio. yes I am lazy to upload sometimes... *sigh*

and CHECK the STORE. :)



Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow - just what I need! I've had a couple of people inquire about fan blinkies for my blog and I really should make some, but I'm not very good with the animation....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

fabulous blinkies! great talent :)

Dnadryad said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh pretty pretty ones !!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You do the best work on blinkies! I cannot wait til my husband comes home and I can afford them. LOL :o)

Emma said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome blinkies I will have to keep you in mind if I need one made.

Amy Eileen said... Best Blogger Tips

Those blinkies are amazing! I am constantly drooling over them. Fantastic work!

Edhish said... Best Blogger Tips

the queen of blinkie ! thank you for the blinkie you made for me sweetie

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