Wednesday, April 1, 2009

World of Wonder

Today me and few fab designers come with a very wonderful kit for you.

World of Wonder

it will be sold only $8.99
and right now it's on 20% disc for just 2 days!






World of Wonder is a kit that is dedicated for all parents and children with special needs.

The contributor are:
Camila Designs
Faith True
HGD by Laurie Ann
Kasia Designs
Kitty Designs
Nikki Beaudreau

Only be sold at the month of April, during the
Autism Awareness Month.

All that we got from this kit will be donated to a friend whose' son diagnosed as PDD-NOS and doesn't able to afford the therapies.
click here to see: What is PDD-NOS?


I want to tell u a little background about my friend's son, before we start. So you will know a little bit about people to whom you put your heart in for this charity kit.

My friend's name is Lily, her hubby is: Iping, and their son who diagnosed with PDD-NOS is Samuel. Their only have a son, no other child.
Samuel was born March 2006. One month before Ruel (my son).

When we was pregnant (me and Lily), the same preacher, was praying for us and put her hand on us.
Samuel was given the name because while his mommy (Lily) was pregnant, Lily want him to be like Samuel in the Bibble. The one who has an sensitive ear to God.
While Joeruel means: the leader who are also a best friend of God.

Lily right now is very down because of the condition of Samuel. I know what she feel because I been there a year ago. The same questions she asked to God, is also the same questions I asked every day. The broken heart and the feeling while every doors are close, and while our dreams were falling a part.
She told me that the only person she can really share this things is me, because of our same condition.

The financial problem she faced right now, didn't help her, either.
Her husband just being unemployed before his son was diagnosed (February 2009)
And as a teacher of an elementary school, she also didn't get a good salary.
And there's no insurance in our country for children with special needs, and none for any kind of health either. We can't get help while we don't have a good income in our country. Sad, but that's the fact. I really didn't know how it works at other country, as I was born here and grow here. In the other words, she and her husband is really upset and didn't know what to do, as it's almost impossible for her to get therapies for his son.

If any of you want to read more about PDD-NOS, this is a short description about it:

April 2nd is the Autism Awareness Day, while April itself is the month of Autism.
So I plan to put the kit at April 1st and only during the month of April.
The only theme that cross my mind is: World of Wonder.
it's pretty much describe the world we didn't know about autism.


Here is the blinkie if you wanna support:

Image Hosted by

This kit is really complete, that include world of wonder from day to night, from the sea, the playground, all of it!
42 Papers, 1 Alpha, 225 Elements

Here I also include few personal preview from each designers:



and here are some inspiration for you from our wonderful team:








Bird Stalker Photography said... Best Blogger Tips

what an awesome kit! My daughter is autistic and this is beautiful!

Not Everyones Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Kitty. I'll keep your friend's family in my prayers. And I will grab this kit after I get paid. It's beautiful.

If you want to make a banner I'll put it up in my store. I'm sure other designers would too.


Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty! I just started digi scrapping recently, and you are already one of my favorite designers! I also have a son with special needs, and a good friend with a son who has Aspergers. Not only is this a fantastic kit I would have purchased regardless, but the fact that it is going to help someone with a special needs child - I wish everyone could buy one!

Dielle said... Best Blogger Tips

What a gorgeous kit and beautiful LOs from it. I think it's for a wonderful cause, too!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your kit is beautiful.
I know what it feels to have children on the Autism Spectrum.
I have 2 boys on the spectrum.But they are both beautiful, challenging and make me laugh (& cry!!) all the time.
Here in my country we don't have any form of proper therapy and we rely on bringing in professional frm abroad. It cost $$$$.
We are also single income.
DigiScrapping is my way of de-stressing, late at night when all my kids are asleep.
Tell your friend "Special kids are given to very SPECIAL PARENTS"

Juh said... Best Blogger Tips

woww kitty...this is is amazing!!! i already buy mine!!! =D You'll be sure that we'll show to others this kit and this cause!!!



PrisScrap said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations for this fabulous kit and the beautiful gift for charitative. Lots of love for your friend Lily her son and family !

Mommy Kerin said... Best Blogger Tips

I think that you should keep this up forever, the kit, and that way people keep buying and you can earn Samuel more money!

April said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty - Is there any way at all possible to purchase this kit still. I have two boys on the Autism Spectrum and have been wanting to find the perfect digi kit to make a mini album to tell their story and this kit would just be beyond perfect. I know I'm months away from the purchase deadline but I'd be so grateful if you let me purchase it (I'll even pay double)! :) Please let me know - April (

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